How not to clean your Nickel bronze silverware, Dear God don’t do what I did!

How not to clean your nickel bronze silver ware

How not to clean your nickel bronze silverware

Does having to clean bronze silverware make you cringe at the thought?

Do you want a safe and easy way to clean Nickel Bronze?

Don’t make the same mistake I did and make your bronze care simple, easy and headache free!

I admit when I first found my bronze silverware I didn’t even know it was bronze. I had been looking for silverware that was a good weight that would actually last, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune on them either!  Growing up we had silverware that lasted for years, never got brown spots on them and always looked pretty. I was having such a hard time finding the perfect set.

One day at one of my favorite goodwill stores I spotted this intriguing wooden box that looked like it had been around for years, opened it up and there was the prettiest set of silverware with such a unique tropical bamboo design I was intrigued. They we very tarnished and all I could think of was how pretty the silverware would be once it was cleaned. As I walked around all I could think of was what great quality they were and how pretty they would be when we had friends over for a tiki party I was planning. We walked around for awhile and decided I just had to have them! On the way home I stopped for the silver cleaner I wanted to use for my new silverware. Little did I know that was a big mistake.

How to clean nickel bronze silverware

Once I got home I just had to try cleaning one knife so I could see how pretty it was going to be, and instead of making it beautiful the knife turned this horrible brownish black color. I had looked at the name on the silverware before “cleaning” it but since it was tarnished I couldn’t read it so good.Not one to panic, I decided to figure out why that happened.

Oh my it was not silver after all, It was Nickel Bronze. The great thing about my new find was that it is extremely durable and a great weight! Yay! While it is very nice quality it also is very porous, which meant that chemical cleaners could damage it! I needed to find a way to clean my nickel bronze silverware.

Thank goodness I only wrecked one knife and didn’t grab the whole 12 piece setting! So I went to work finding the best way to clean them. I hope you never having to go through what I did! Since the bronze nickel is porous, and I now knew that it is easy to damage using commercial polishes I wanted a better way.

How to clean nickel bronze silverware

Here’s what works beautifully!

Your going to need-

Rubber gloves, I used dish washing gloves

A big bowl

White Vinegar, Salt and flour

1) Get your gloves on! You will be using your hands to mix this

2) Make sure you put it in a big bowl because you will be mixing it with flour and it will be a mess

3) Combine 1 teaspoon of salt to 1 cup of white vinegar, I was able to do the whole 12 piece setting with this amount

4) Mix enough flour into it until the consistency resembles toothpaste. You don’t want it to run off the silverware. Make a nice paste that will stay on as you rub it on

5) You don’t need to be particular when putting it on. Remember to get ends and sides of bronze ware, it is thicker than regular silverware so easy to miss

6) Set aside for 30-60 minutes

7) Rinse in warm water getting all paste off as quickly as possible. Do not let it sit in water

8) Wipe dry with a cloth and using another soft cloth polish


It comes out gorgeous with a spectacular shimmering look to it!

Store them in a nice warm place wrapped in cloth and you will enjoy them for many many years!

Bronze metal color is super hot this year and I was thrilled to find this set. I hope you enjoy yours as much!

Leave me a comment, I would love to hear where you found your set and how your bronze ware came out!

How to clean Nickel Bronze Silverware


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Organic Vegetable Gardening ~ 3 Tips For Success

Organic Gardening ~ 3 Tips For Success


Organic Gardening ~ 3 Tips For Success

Would you like to grow a organic vegetable garden so it will thrive?

Vegetable gardening can be a challenge, when you want it to be organic that opens up a world of  issues!

1. First –  fungus and disease can wipe out your organic vegetable garden very quickly if you don’t water properly  The best way to water is in the early part of the day, preferably mornings so that the water has time to dry off the plant and not sit on the leaves inviting fungus and disease. The absolute best way to water is with a drip hose! By using the drip hose you are keeping moisture in the soil, which helps to prevent nasty fungus and disease that can happen with a organic vegetable garden. Laying the drip hose next to plants, below soil surface will help with getting the water to plants roots and off of the plant itself!


Organic Vegetable Gardening ~ 3 Tips For Success


2. Second  🙂 – Raised beds are amazing! They keep the plants nicely uniform and you it helps your back!  If you are making a raised bed or framing your garden bed, you want to make sure you use wood that will stand the test of time and that does not have chemicals in it.Please, please no pressure treated wood. Might as well not have a organic garden if you use any wood with chemicals. It seriously took me a month to get my husband to understand this. The chemicals will leach into the soil and get into your plants. A great solution is to use cedar, it lasts for years and gets a beautiful patina that you will love!

Organic vegetable garden tips


3. Third tip – Is all about using organic fertilizer. You could do the usual composting but sometimes in your particular climate it might not be so easy.  Use seaweed fertilizer! Not only does it give your plants all the nutrients and minerals your plants need, it doesn’t need to decompose! With the added bonus of natural growth hormones your plants will thrive! I have been using Maxicrop Soluble Powder seaweed and it works fantastic!  Mind you it is strong and to remember not to overfeed, I know it is temping to just add more thinking it will not hurt, but don’t do it! Walk away, you got this and your plants will love you for it.

Organic Vegetable Gardening ~ 3 Tips For Success

Gardening is great for the soul. There is something about getting your hands in the dirt and watching that plant grow healthy and strong. Vegetables from organic garden allows you to have no gmo’s or harmful chemical in your food. Oh and the superb taste of garden grown produce is out of this world! Get some basic skills needed and your gardening chores will be a lot easier for you!

What challenges you in the garden? What have you found that helps save your tender organic plants?

Leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!



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Creating your own Spring Decor



spring birdcage vignette


I just love Spring! The birds are happily chirping, flowers are blooming, the sun is brighter and spirits soar! It is always fun to create new spring decor by taking some things you have, add some special finds and make new displays for your home. Don’t ya just love this spring vignette! Grab some flowers a birdcage and then add a 3rd element……something special and unique! For this easy look I took a favorite plate, some eggs I found at a thrift store , bird, wire cloche found at flea market and some grapevine twigs I pulled out a a wreath.



Wire Bird Cloche

Sweet Wire Cloche with bird



Thrift store eggs


Use things you love, find new treasures you love and combine with some thrift store finds!

Hope I gave you some ideas on how to use what you love, mix with vintage thrift store treasures and make it into your own special display! Let me know how you are creating spring decor into your home!

Love and Gratitude


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