Florida frost gardening tip!

Florida gardening

I woke up this morning to some cold weather…..well at least cold here in Florida! It is suppose to get down to the 30’s tonight! Yikes!  So my first thought is don’t panic! I’ve deal with this every year, which plants should I try to protect! I have this one rare palm tree I grew from a band plant and it is doing nicely! A band plant is the smallest size plant you can buy.  I love palm trees and I don’t want to have just any palm trees, Oh no! I have to have rare palm trees! This sweet little palm is a rare Jubaeopsis Caffra clustering coconut and I must save it!

I have a good gardening tip I found years ago that I think helps! First off you need to save your milk and soda bottles! I have collected about ten of them and I hide them behind a bush to store them 🙂 Here’s what I do! Fill them with water and place them in the sun. Once the sun starts to go down I put them around the plants and they will radiate the heat  to help protect your plants! I love my plants, and do whatever I can to some extent….whatever is easiest to protect them!  Phew! I hope this helps all my gardening friends! Do you have any tips to protect plants from frost? Please share and comment below!

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