Hi! I’m Jan

I”m a wife mom, nana, sister, good friend, love the beach, boating, gardening and animal lover. I love to entertain family and friends in style from what I wear, to what my decor is.

 I am probably a lot like you, I work and pay bills. I kept using my hard earned money to buy things only to find the quality sucked. Things would fall apart, wear out or just didn’t last the way they should. I remember back in the day, (oh god I have become that person) Anyway back in the day things would last, and you treasured your possessions because they became a part of you. So now I am on a mission, looking for treasured items with attention to quality, craftsmanship and beautiful details! And of course they must be classy and fabulous! I now have things surrounding me that I truly loved, mean something to me and also things that made my home and wardrobe classy and fabulous!

So I invite you to follow along as I find the most coveted items with style, details and incredible craftsmanship!

Because….”A girl should be two things, Classy and Fabulous!” -Coco Chanel


xo Jan